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Why I Love Markdown

Markdown is great. If you’ve found yourself composing a lot of HTML-based documents, you know how frustrating it can be to make sure you match all your tags and type all those less-than and greater-than signs that compose the tags. Markdown is awesome because it dispenses with all that. I Mostly Love HTML HTML is […]

What Makes a Good Bug Report?

One of the more complicated “easy” things in software is providing a useful bug report. Literally anyone can encounter a “bug,” “flaw” “defect,” or even “desired-feature” while using a product and anyone can give a good explanation to the maker of the software of that problem, but people rarely do. Sometimes they feel they’re not […]

Simplest WordPress Security Win: Always Be Updating

Security is a big and complex area. Everything from the quality of your encryption algorithms, the privileges of your file access policy, and the nature of your cryptographic signature are part of security. But even without understanding what I meant by any of those things, you can still have a big impact on the security. […]

Responsive, square elements with JavaScript/jQuery

A simple idea… If you’re a designer, it’s pretty natural to want a bunch of squares to line up next to each other. And if you’re a designer who’s up on responsive design best practices (which we strongly recommend), it’s very natural to want these squares to dynamically resize themselves for different screen widths. In […]

Four Things a WordPress Theme Shouldn’t Do

Spurred on by this strongly worded, and spot-on, post I saw from Leland at Theme Labs about why a theme should never include its own shortcodes, I’ve finally written my thoughts about what WordPress themes are doing wrong. The Problem with the WordPress Ecosystem One of the greatest things about using WordPress is that there are […]