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Ember Computed Properties and the Perks of Uniform Access

In almost any object-oriented programming system, you’ll sometimes have an object whose properties can be composed into more meaningful units of data about that object. For example, an address that you might use to send an envelope of papers consists of a number of properties — a street address, a city, a state, and maybe […]

Mistakes I Made in My First Ember Project

I recently was presented with a completely greenfield project. We were making a not-uncommon CRUD (create-read-update-delete) app for a business that was looking to move beyond the constraints of their Microsoft Excel-based data-tracking system. We also had a limited but important numbers of use cases where data from all over (what was Excel sheets) would […]

Responsive, square elements with JavaScript/jQuery

A simple idea… If you’re a designer, it’s pretty natural to want a bunch of squares to line up next to each other. And if you’re a designer who’s up on responsive design best practices (which we strongly recommend), it’s very natural to want these squares to dynamically resize themselves for different screen widths. In […]

Styling individual characters in HTML strings with jQuery

Did you ever wish you could talk to individual letters in a string programmatically? You can with JavaScript/jQuery; you just have to know how to split strings. Sample 1: Single-character hovering This sample text turns red, character by character, when you hover over it with your mouse. Sample 2: Letter-by-letter vanishing This sample text vanishes, […]