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Why You Should Write Down Your Passwords and Never Reuse Them

There are a few commonly-known password sins, in rough order of how I think most people think of them: Writing down your password. Telling someone else your password. Reusing a password. Of these, many people — myself included — were historically led to think that the first is the worst. Back in the old days, […]

A Simple Introduction to How Password Storage Works

One of the most interesting things that I didn’t understand before I really spent much time learning about computers is how passwords work. It seems kind of stupid, but it’s an interesting and important question: how is a site validating that you’re you? The Naivest Possible Password System Well, pretty simply, you can make a […]

Simplest WordPress Security Win: Always Be Updating

Security is a big and complex area. Everything from the quality of your encryption algorithms, the privileges of your file access policy, and the nature of your cryptographic signature are part of security. But even without understanding what I meant by any of those things, you can still have a big impact on the security. […]