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Why PHP?

PHP is a strange and (let’s get it over with) ugly, little language. It’s not exceptionally fast. It’s not beautiful syntactically. It’s not formulated around a clear opinion. And it’s still what I write a lot of software in. The obvious question is: why? Well, It’s EVERYWHERE… There are a lot of reasons to know […]

How to view variable values in Sass

Sass logo

This week’s post is pretty technical—it’s only for users of Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets (Sass). I’m leaving. Before I go, what is Sass? Sass is a CSS preprocessor—a way to write your CSS stylesheets as if you were programming them, with variables, reusable mixins, and a lot else. I can’t recommend Sass highly enough—it literally made […]

Reveal.js For Fun and Profit

Somewhat jokingly, when I shared last week’s post about using Markdown to our Facebook page I threw in a line about how Markdown should destroy Microsoft Word. While I don’t really hate Word, or any other tool in Microsoft’s Office suite, I think they’re almost never the best tool for a given job. And it […]

The Basics of Markdown

As I professed my fervent love for Markdown last week, I’ll spare you — go read why Markdown’s great if you haven’t — but to say that Markdown is a quick way to easily create all the niceties of HTML without having to deal with all the annoying traits of actually typing out HTML. The […]