When Programming, You Must Name Things

Programmers can spend a lot of time worrying about, thinking about, and optimizing the way that the code they’re writing looks. Whether it’s language designers obsessing about the way that you’ll find the length of string or language-users sweating about whether the function should be called findClassById() or get_class(), all thinking about naming is arguably […]

The Two Root Causes of Software Complexity

With a few notable exceptions, software makers hate dealing with preexisting code. Sure, they’re happy to have tools that solve problems they have, but give them a bunch of code that “mostly solved” an existing problem or the opportunity to start over from scratch, and many would blindly pick starting over from scratch. Easy-to-work-with software […]

Why You Should Write Down Your Passwords and Never Reuse Them

There are a few commonly-known password sins, in rough order of how I think most people think of them: Writing down your password. Telling someone else your password. Reusing a password. Of these, many people — myself included — were historically led to think that the first is the worst. Back in the old days, […]

A Simple Introduction to How Password Storage Works

One of the most interesting things that I didn’t understand before I really spent much time learning about computers is how passwords work. It seems kind of stupid, but it’s an interesting and important question: how is a site validating that you’re you? The Naivest Possible Password System Well, pretty simply, you can make a […]

Why PHP?

PHP is a strange and (let’s get it over with) ugly, little language. It’s not exceptionally fast. It’s not beautiful syntactically. It’s not formulated around a clear opinion. And it’s still what I write a lot of software in. The obvious question is: why? Well, It’s EVERYWHERE… There are a lot of reasons to know […]

Require Featured Image Plugin Now Supports All WordPress Post Types

I found some time over the recent holidays to update our free and simple Required Featured Image plugin. So I’m excited to tell you about an important new feature: it now works for Posts, Pages, and custom post types. (Relevantly, I just wrote a post at WPShout about how and why you’d use custom post […]