Require Featured Image Plugin Now Supports All WordPress Post Types

I found some time over the recent holidays to update our free and simple Required Featured Image plugin. So I’m excited to tell you about an important new feature: it now works for Posts, Pages, and custom post types. (Relevantly, I just wrote a post at WPShout about how and why you’d use custom post types.) And changing which of those it’s working for is as easy as toggling some checkboxes and hitting save. There are some other improvements in this version, but they’re essentially internal. And I’m glad to say that I’m pretty certain if it’s been working for you, you’ll have a seamless update experience, seeing the same behavior without toggling any settings whatsoever.

Such Options; So Choices; Much Ease

require-featured-image-options-050The initial intent of the “Require Featured Image” was that it would just do what its name says, and for Posts because that’s the most obvious content type to require it. But in the time the plugin has been in the repository we’ve heard a number of requests that it work for different content types, like Pages or the ones that are specific to your site. So we’ve added that feature.

And doing that well means we’ve made an options page to make it easy for people to change the settings. You can find it at Settings > Req Featured Image if you’ve upgraded to 0.5.0. We’ve only added one option, preferring to keep the plugin as simple as possible. By default, you should see that it’ll require a featured image on the Posts content type. But you can toggle that setting, or turn it on for other content types by simply checking their box and hitting “Save.”

What’s Next?

We’ve got some features that seem like they’d make sense and fit in well with the existing Require Featured Image plugin for WordPress. If you have thoughts, opinions, or modifications you’d like to see don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always interested to hear how people are using the plugins we publicly release and how we can help out the WordPress community even more.

By the way, since it’s been awhile since they were mentioned on the blog, if you’re interested in WordPress, we publish a few other sites that may be of interest to you. WP Business Tips aims to help you serve your business better in its use of WordPress by providing great bi-weekly advice in your email inbox. And if you’re interested in WordPress and its features more generally, we publish weekly about WordPress and related topics at WPShout. Don’t hesitate to drop your email address in the relevant boxes on either two sites if you’re interested in hearing more about WordPress from us.

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