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The problem to solve

Karmê Chöling is one of the oldest Tibetan Buddhist retreat centers in the United States. Their website was largely built and maintained by volunteer staff, and had gone significantly out of date. In addition to an old design that was unattractive, non-mobile-responsive, etc., the site had no working content management system, and was far too difficult to update and extend.

How we helped

  • Clarified client needs in detailed consulting phase
  • Got broad buy-in for WordPress as site CMS, plus custom development to import site’s existing program registration code
  • Proposed multiple site designs based on underlying WordPress theme; got buy-in on final design
  • Deployed new site design and iterated to final product
  • Wrapped large existing PHP program registration code base into WordPress plugin
  • Worked with Karmê Chöling server administrator to customize site server environment
  • Moved site to HTTPS/SSL as part of deployment process

The result

Karmê Chöling’s website is vastly improved, and far easier to work with. Because the new site is so much easier to work with, Karmê Chöling recently launched an on-site blog, linking their web presence with their other digital marketing.

Here’s an email excerpt from Laura, a Karmê Chöling staff member who worked closely with us on the project:

The accolades are coming in. You may have seen that I sent out an announcement to our mailing list. I’ve gotten several comments already. Here’s what people are saying…

  • The new website looks great. Well done!
  • I just took a quick look – Gorgeous!!!
  • Lovely, this is so much more readable than the other and spacious. Gorgeous colors.
  • Wow, it looks really beautiful and seems very easy to navigate!

Nice job everyone!

We continue to work actively with Karmê Chöling, recently completing a thorough security audit of their registration flows and database.