Guru Girls

The problem to solve

Guru Girls was a young adult book trilogy being pitched as a feature film. We worked with Erin, the designer contracted to create the visual design for the Guru Girls website; Erin needed to understand the technical possibilities for transferring her designs online, and needed developers to create the site inside WordPress.

How we helped

  • Consulted Erin on tradeoffs in developing existing design, leading to revisions that significantly reduced development time and cost without sacrificing visual quality
  • Developed site to match design specifications
  • Made responsive design decisions to properly serve all sections of site at mobile widths
  • Comprehensive speed optimization: implemented custom JavaScript responsive image loader, thorough image optimization
  • Cross-browser and cross-device testing

The result

The Guru Girls site was engaging, visually appealing, and works smoothly cross-device and cross-browser. The project was completed within a tight deadline. We maintain an ongoing relationship with Erin on multiple projects.