Why Good Design Matters for Your Business

If you’re planning a new web project or website, you’re probably looking to allocate a limited budget across a large variety of design, development, and marketing services. It can be hard to know what to prioritize. Here we’ll explain what good graphic design is, and why it can matter to your business. What is “Design” […]

Three Easy Steps to On-Site SEO with WordPress

three steps for on-site seo

Search engine optimization (SEO) is complex, difficult to understand, and invites a lot of superstition and folklore—as well as a fair amount of outright fraud. It’s also really important. As a result, it’s an endless topic. Fortunately, the basic principles of SEO are simple to understand. Plain and simple, SEO is the process of getting […]

Controlling Website Costs: Don’t Flail

Flailing |Flailing website project

If you’re investing in a website, one of your primary concerns will naturally be to pay as little as possible. As we’ve argued before, looking only at cost is not the correct way to approach a website project. Rather, a website is an investment—an ongoing investment—designed to help you meet one or more financial or […]

Why the Web Development Industry is a Jungle

Web development jungle | Press Up

Most people I talk to who need web development help are frustrated and unsure. Many have had painful experiences with previous developers, and almost all are suspicious about being taken advantage of. Getting web work done properly at the right price can be a grab bag of uncertainty and risk. This stems from the nature […]

Web Hosting for WordPress Sites: Finding The Right Hosting for You

WordPress hosting options

Choosing a web host for your website can be difficult. With so many companies in operation, each offering multiple plans and packages, making a decision can quickly become overwhelming. Even once you’ve made your choice and your website is online, it’s still something you’ll need to revisit in the future, once your site starts attracting […]

Refactoring is Like Exercise

Refactoring, they say, is vital to maintaining a healthy code base. We all know we should do it, but many of us don’t. Exercise, they say, is vital to living a long and healthy life. We all know we’ve got to do it, but many of us don’t. Maybe we dabble from time to time, […]

New Plugin: “Display All Image Sizes”

Once in a blue moon, we author a new WordPress plugin. Today the moon is blue, because we’ve just released: Display All Image Sizes! The plugin grew out of my frustration at not being able to actually use WordPress’s (very handy) custom-generated image sizes, because WordPress doesn’t give you a very good way to figure […]

Why Software Becomes a Big Ball of Mud

“Big ball of mud” is one of the more common pejoratives thrown at “legacy” code. Systems suffering from a wide variety of different problems get tarred with the brush of “mud,” but generally the overall experience of a developer facing a big ball of mud is one of constant low-grade terror. A sense that everything […]