We Bought a Website!

We didn’t have time to share this last week, but we are pretty excited that we bought a little WordPress-focused site called WPShout. We did manage to get a post out over there about the transition of that site, but we thought it also made good sense to go into a little detail about what that site will mean for our blog here and work elsewhere.

What’s Not Changing

We’re continuing to work on WP Business Tips and have no plans to stop blogging here at Press Up. We think both are valuable to both our business and the community at large and so don’t want them to go anywhere.

If you operate a business using WordPress, and you haven’t already signed up you should go sign up for the Business Tips email newsletter. It’s a biweekly email in your inbox that talks about the practical steps you can take to have a better online business with the help of WordPress.

We also love writing about interesting things and and teaching about things we know here on the Press Up blog. The gambit has been as diverse as clever email tricks, a neat jQuery trick, and a very simple primer of an essential programming concept. Posts like that will not go away. We love sharing knowledge and don’t want to stop doing that in this venue.

What Will Change

wordpress-logo-notext-rgbThe biggest change that you can expect as a result of the acquisition of WPShout is that the WordPress content, which has been one of the primary features of this blog, will stop being posted regularly on Press Up. We’re not gonna stop writing about WordPress, and we’re certainly not going to stop working with WordPress either—if anything we’re more committed than ever to the open source CMS we love.

But if you want to continue to see our teaching and opinions about WordPress and the community around it, you’ll want to start following WPShout. We plan to continue to create great WordPress tutorials, thorough explanations, and other opinions, but we’ll be posting all of that at WPShout. And to make it even easier, WPShout has an email list all set up through which we will keep you informed of all the great stuff we’re publishing there. Just yesterday, Fred published an obvious-in-retrospect little trick you can use to find websites using a specific WordPress theme so you can see it in action and lightly-modified before you buy.

We’re really excited by the opportunity we’ve been presented with in WPShout, and look forward to making it a core part of the WordPress community. A special shout-out is due to Alex Denning, who made WPShout into what it’s been so far, and who’s going to be advising us a little over the transitional period. Thanks for reading.

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David likes learning, solving hard problems, and teaching. He bikes a lot, and lives in (and loves) Colorado. You can find him on Twitter as @davidbhayes and check out his latest hobby-project, Quodid, a monument to his love for pithy bits of wisdom.

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