New Plugin: Require Featured Image

Last Friday we released our second free plugin on the WordPress plugin repository. It’s pretty simple: it just requires that every Post on a WordPress site has a featured image, so that a publisher can spend less time worrying about compliance to the editorial style or wondering if they’re site will break or look less-than-ideal without Featured Images. You can install it by downloading it from the WordPress plugin repository¬†or just by searching “Require Featured Image” on the Plugins > Add New page inside your WordPress dashboard.

Why would you want to use this plugin? Because if you have either functional or aesthetic reasons each post on your site should have a featured image. Especially if you yourself are forgetful, or some members of the team that contributes to your site sometimes forgets this requirements, this is the plugin for you. There’s a little more about the plugin on our page for the Require Featured Image WordPress plugin.

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