Welcome to the Press Up blog! This is designed as a (mostly) non-technical resource for people just starting out in web development, or working to understand their web development needs.

If you’re trying to get your feet under you—either in doing your own development or finding a developer who can meet your needs for the right price—then you’re who we’re hoping to help.

We hope to cover topics like:

  • How to delve into basic web development with a minimum of tears of helpless frustration;
  • How to distinguish difficult and time-consuming web development tasks from easy ones;
  • How to make informed decisions about hiring a web developer;
  • What web jargon (“search engine optimization,” “social media integration,” “content management systems”) actually means and whether it can help you;
  • How to efficiently learn web development tools and techniques you don’t already know.

Please check back often, and best of luck to you!

Fred Meyer and David Hayes
Cofounders, Press Up

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