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Press Up is a full-service web consultancy and web development studio based in Fort Collins, CO, and Boston. We offer a wide range of web strategy consulting, web design, and web development services for clients of all sizes.

What Sets Us Apart

Partners in strategy

“I signed up for a website tuneup and got a marketing makeover. Visitor conversion rates are up—a lot. Sales are up—a lot. I couldn’t be happier, and encourage anyone ‘on the fence’ to climb on board and prepare for a solid return on their investment in this dynamic duo!”

We don’t build websites; we solve problems. We start by understanding your needs, then use our knowledge and skills to help you meet those needs in the best way possible.

Because we “listen before we build,” we can be a major asset to your project. We’ll think deeply about your needs, and suggest solutions you may not have known about or considered.

Just as important, we won’t reinvent the wheel at your expense. If there’s a great existing solution out there, we’ll point you to it.

When you work with web developers who have your best interests at heart, understand your needs, and actively find ways to help you meet them, you’ll see the difference.

We do it right

There are a lot of ways to develop online—but they’re not all made equal. As new devices, languages, and paradigms continue to change the way the web looks and works, the best practices for web development are constantly changing.

We’re on top of that. We’re learning constantly, and we take a great deal of pride in doing things right from the start. This means specific practices like responsive design, content-management systems, and proper version control.

It also means general pride in our work. We won’t use “hacks” that work now but expose you to future liabilities or make your site difficult to update.

When your site is built right the first time, you can be assured it will work now and into the future.

People skills!

Too many web developers are gruff and impatient. (We’re not sure why—maybe there’s something in the Red Bull?) A rude developer makes it hard to communicate your goals, understand your options, or choose the right solutions. It’s bad for business.

If this sounds familiar, Press Up will feel like a revelation. We treat our clients with genuine respect, and we truly care about them and the success of their web projects.

We’re great listeners, and we can communicate the essentials of even highly technical topics so you can make the right decisions. This means fewer diversions into off-target solutions, and a final product that is precisely what you wanted and that you know how to use.

In short, when your web developer treats you with respect, it’s good for your blood pressure—and your bottom line. Let us show you the difference.

The Team

web developer fred meyerFred Meyer

Front-end lead


I’ve been doing front-end web development since 2006. I really enjoy web development as a creative process—you have ideas, and if you know the right way to talk to a computer, you can bring them to life. I also like meditation, jazz piano, and comedy.


Visual design
Web strategy

web developer david hayesDavid Hayes

Back-end lead


I’ve been programming since the third grade. Moving from Lego Logo and Basic, through TI Basic and Z80 Assembly, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Obj C, and just enough Scheme to know I don’t fully grok the Lisp paradigm. I eagerly take opportunities to learn and try my best to teach what I know. I read less frequently than I’d like, but I can listen to podcasts at an impressive clip.


Server and database administration
Content management systems (CMS), including WordPress integration